tumblr will find a way to be offended about anything

it’s breeding a generation of people who need to be coddled and protected from life, growing up believing that everyone should hold up a metaphorical sign saying ‘TRIGGER WARNING’ before anything that might be considered offensive (everything)



A Toot and A Snore in ‘74

A Toot and a Snore in ‘74 is a bootleg album of the only known recording session in which John Lennon & Paul McCartney play together after the break-up of the Beatles.

The album was first mentioned by Lennon in a ‘75 interview, more details were brought to light in May Pang’s ‘83 book, Loving John, and it gained wider prominence when McCartney made reference to the session in a ‘97 interview.

The events of this night are intriguing to Beatle fans as it’s the only known recordinh of the former songwriting team playing together between the bands 1970 breakup and Lennon’s murder in 1980.

Artists who played on this album were John Lennon on lead vocal and guitar, Paul McCartney singing harmony and playing Ringo Starr’s drums, Stevie Wonder singing and playing electric piano, Linda McCartney on organ, May Pang on tambourine, Harry Nilsson providing vocals, Jesse Ed Davis on guitar, Ed Freeman filling in on bass, and Bobby Keys on saxophone.

March 28th, 1974 - 40 Years ago today 

Happy 25th birthday Internet!


Tim Berners-Lee, who invented the World Wide Web in 1989, spoke of his passion for the Web and needed improvements to make it more secure, more useful, and more universally accessible.

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I hope you all know that Alfonso Cuaron (Gravity director) was also the brilliant mind behind Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and if it wasn’t for him the wizards and witches in the cinematic masterpiece that is Harry Potter wouldn’t have had their own unique wand designs.